09 September 2010

Sealed with a kiss

The developments of homemade, edible lipstick have come to fruition. Scented with the notes of the drink- with hints of raspberry, rose, grapefruit and violet, and in a rich dragon blood red- the recognisable lipstick smear adorns the lip of the flute. Painting the image of a beautiful film noir femme fatale leaving her mark of glamourised femininity fleetingly on the glass...

Vintage Manhattan Part 2 update

Secondary ageing of the stripped, steely manhattan is progressing rather nicely. Having developed a rich, golden colour, it is also picking up notes of vanilla and coffee from the wood, playing together with those from the cocktail. This in a little over a month.


The 6 y o, available from.... now!

Having taken a while to reach maturity, it would be a shame to see it vanish away too swiftly (even though it tastes truly incredible)- so access is limited. One per group, and on a first come, first served basis.

Please be considerate to those who may not make it in today; there's only one bottle!