Recipes and Ideas

We are very proud to showcase these new concept drinks we have created in collaboration with Beefeater 24. We have drawn inspiration from bartenders of the past, and innovative ways of activating the senses to create what we think are creative new drinks.

The Kata takes two similar herbs from different cultures and combines them within one drink. The cocktails base is Beefeater 24 infused with basil which vermouth infused with shiso is then added to. Inspired by chemical overlays between shiso, vermouth basil and gin the flavours match seemlessly.

The plume takes influences from Japanese culture. The drink includes Beefeater 24, silver needle tea and Kigo. Inspired by the green tea ceremony involving and Japan gardens. It uses smell as an essential addition to the cocktail. The incence is used both as way of enhancing the flavour and as a way of creating a scene and meditative mood the drinker can immerse themselves in.

Köln Martini
The Köln Martini takes Beefeater 24, Dry martini and add a single drop of köln essence. Inspired by a recipe found in the second edition of Jerry Thomas' book. The köln recipe has been re-figured using food grade essences to create a multi layered spritz.
These are our take on classic drink structures that we have played around with and re-worked.

The flintlock is inspired by the New Orleans classic the Sazerac. This interpretation is based on the same principles but with a gin flavour profile rather than Bourbon. We take Beefeater 24 as a base and add gunpowder gomme, dandelion and burdock bitters whilst washing the other glass with Fernet Branca

Nettle Gimlet
This is a re-work of the classic Gimlet. It incorporates a cordial where we dried nettles out which give a tanic taste that works with Beefeater gin.

Dirty Martini
Instead of using the brine from olives which leaves a salty water flavour with a bit of olive we tried to create something with a more "olivey" flavour profile. we looked for a way of purifying the flavour. We made an olive mash then ran this through a centrifuge, meaning we could seperate pulp, oil, and pure olive flavour.

Dale Degroff
 Valencia: 3 parts Tanqueray No,10 1 part Emilio Lustau fino sherry flamed orange peel garnish. 
Dry Sazerac (one sugar cube ) made NIOLA style in two old fashioned glasses BUT with ½ rye and ½ cognac

Dave Wondrich
c. Jakewalk Shake well with plenty of ice: 3/4 oz Reposado tequila 3/4 oz rhum agricole 3/4 oz St. Germain 3/4 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice Strain into chilled cocktail glass and garnish with piece of candied ginger. 

Luca Cordiflieri
Beefeater 24, The King’s ginger liqueur, Benedictine, Cardamom Bitter, Szechuan peppers, stirred over ice and served into a martini glass, It will be on the new menu at China Tang so you're all welcome to come and try it.

Esther Medina
 Royal Up Beet: 2 spoons of beetroot puree –beetroot just steamed and blended-, ½ a part of Maraschino liqueur, ½ a part of Agave Sec –or very dry triple sec and some agave syrup-, pinch of grounded cumin, 1 part sexy Blanco tequila, a squeeze of fresh lime juice, 3 parts of Rose Sparkling wine –nothing too dry best something rather fruity. Mix in a tin and serve in a frozen flute with one ice cube. Garnish with fresh crushed black pepper and a long lime string.

Paul Tvaroh's Old Castro
Cuban cigar infused Havana barrel proof rum
Madagascar vanilla and orange bitters
Served over Vanilla candy floss from a chilled cigar tube

Beefeater 2010 Concept Drinks

Silver Phantom
The Phantom takes it's title from the Rolls Royce of the same name. Coloidal silver is added to both the vermouth and Vichy still water which is then used to make a "wet" gin martini. The idea was inspired by the era of the Silver Phantom and how coloidal silver was used, in moderation, as an antibacterial product. For instance silver coins would be placed at the bottom of milk churns to prolong the milks freshness and also gave rise to the phrase " born with a silver spoon in his mouth".

The Night Before the Morning After
Inspired by the morning after ritual when of reaching for a glass of water and a tablet to relieve the pains of the morning after. The drink is served in a bottle with a tablet on the side, which when added carbonates the drink and dissolves.

Japanese Tea
The idea is drawn from classic Pink Gin Cocktail and the idea of rituals and ceremony involved in serving tea and the ritual of the officers and the pink gin ritual. In place of angostura we use gun powder tincture to make a gun powder bitters. This is added to the gin with a dash of sugar and then garnished with a thin slice of green tea Japanese bean curd.

Asa Nevestveit's Original Recipe - The Lingonberry

50ml Martell Cognac
15ml Lemon Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup 
4 Mint Leaves
2 bar spoons of homemade lingonberry jam or marmalade
Shake, cocktail glass double strain, garnish with a mint leaf

Gaz Reagans Manhattan (gaz regan's Fave)

90 ml (3 oz) Evan Williams Black Label bourbon*
45 ml (1.5 oz) Noilly Prat sweet vermouth**
6 dashes Angostura bitters***
Build over ice in a large Old-Fashioned glass. No garnish.
*Unless someone sends me some other kind of bourbon or straight rye--if it's free, I'll drink it. If I have to buy it, I buy Evan Williams Black Label
** Unless someone sends me some other kind of sweet vermouth-- if it's free, I'll drink it. If I have to buy it, I buy Noilly Prat
***No substitutions. And it's been a long time since they sent me any freebies . . .