07 September 2009

boutique bar show 09

Giles Gavin-Cowan of The Drink Factory, will lead firstly a forum, with
discussion and heckling encouraged, based around the art of Alchemy. Topics to
be covered will be how we can look back at the principles, teachings and
methodologies of the alchemists and how they can be employed and re-invented
into the modern Bartending world. With a demo and tasting session showcasing the
"Bain Marie" and its variety of uses for taylor made infusions, sugar syrups and
modern "alcehmy"

The second half of the talk will focus on the Japanes product of Shochu. One of
the worlds biggest selling yet least recognized spirits. Its place in the
ancient world and its place behind the modern bar. We will delve into Shochu's
history, origins and production methods. With some very original yet delicious
shochu cocktails being created and tasted to inspire and educate on this great

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