24 August 2010


A series of new pieces of equipment have arrived to 69 Colebrooke Row. Aiding in the development of new products and techniques, they have quickly become at home within the lab.

Two kitchen aid appliances- a mixer and a blender, were put to great use at our Ferragosto party making perfectly smooth Elegante

and also our homemade Dry Ice Ice Cream

The Kitchenaid blender has been put to good use on the bar, blending cocktails to a perfect consistency, whilst the mixer gave us the ability to create our Ice Creams for Ferragosto; the mixer churned the Manhattan mixture with dry ice, creating a taste/texture revelation!


A seriously heavy duty piece of kit (Tony has been giddy blending all sorts- think nutmegs to powder)

The Vorwerk thermomix (http://www.vorwerk.com/thermomix/html/)
has been busy pulverising and heating a host of ingredients, including some homemade ginger beer-given extra bite by...

A soda stream whilst we await a carbonation unit

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