27 February 2011

Ralph Laurens RR Launch at Liberty's

Drink factory continues to go where the cocktails go. This time round we were at Ralph Laurens new vintage/denim range launch at Libery's in London. The night played out to old school swing, and country tracks which made us feel like we were in some magical world situated somewhere between the wild wild west and Gangs of New York with a friendlier less angry group of gangs mulling around.

Cocktail were classicly faced with pefectly balanced and traditionally made Mint Juleps, consisting of ice smashed using a wooden mallet and a muzzlin bag, adding to the show and creating the perfect ice to serve this drink in. Also present were Sazeracs which took a small amount of coaxing but to our surprise were greeted with looks of pleasant surprise by all first timers, either not familiar with the drink or those not a big fan of bourbon. Rounding off the drinking was Tiger Milk. Served in a glass milk bottle complete with prohibition-esque paper straw this drink grabed peoples attention for more than it's intriguing appearance. Consisting of Kigo Shochu, almond milk and a hint of apple juice this drink went down well amongst fashions elite.

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