03 August 2011

Flavour of the Week - Ambergris

Ambergris is derived from male sperm whales. It is created, specifically when the whales eat squid, after which scientists believe that the whales secret a protective waxy substance from their gut to ease the digestion of the squids beaks.

This substance builds up soo much that it is eventually secreted by the whale, often in up to hundreds of pounds at a time.

Not the nicest of sounding substance, however, it has been used as a base in perfumery for many many years and has a scent like "Musk".

It has seen some legal difficulties after being banned in several countries during the 1970's, and only recently legalized again in 2005.

Flavour - Sweet, musky, earthy

See Dave Wondrich's above receipe for use of Ambergris....... from his brilliant Punch book...

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