21 September 2011

We Requires you! - Drink Factory Cocktail

This week we start something a little bit different. We thought it might be an interesting idea to create a new cocktail, however the ingredients will be chosen by you!! Yes, you! The kind reader of this blog.

We want you to write to us, either over email, comment on the blog, facebook, twitter, whichever is easiest for you, and tell us what you think.
The cocktail will be built as below........

-Base Spirit-


-Juice -

Ideally we'd like to get one suggestion for each from you, however all ideas are welcome! The ingredients that are suggested most often for each section of the drink will be used in the final cocktail.

We will piece the cocktail together, however crazy or whatever general mish mash of ingredients we have, and make it work!

Once finished, the cocktail will be available over the bar at 69 Colebrooke Row.


Cowboy Doug said...

Fresh hops are in season right now and add a nice floral/citrus/grassy flavor and aroma. Perhaps with gin although those two might conflict

Kevin Liu said...

My vote:
Spiced or aged Rum
Aroma of allspice or star anise
Juice of young coconut (not milk!)

good luck with that one...

opinion said...

Somewhat of a gimmicky idea but I'll post it nevertheless:

The Three Friends of Winter
-shochu infused in bamboo
-plum fruit or blossom liquer
-fragrance of pine needles