05 November 2012

The Absinthe Depot- Berlin

The last time we were in Berlin we stumbled upon a little shop with a lot of beautiful bottles in the window. Upon closer inspection we realized all the bottles were absinthe. Peering in, we saw tables with young hip looking people perched on stools, smoking, and drinking what appeared to be absinthe. Clearly, we went in the door.
Inside was a dizzying array of absinthes and wonderful German and Swiss eau-de-vies, many of which you simply can’t find outside of those countries. The staff is knowledgeable and more than willing to give you a taste of something if they have it open before you commit to buying.
I put a few questions to Hermann Plöckl, the proprietor of the Absinthe Depot. Next time you are in Berlin go and check it out. (Just make sure to behave yourself…)

1.How many absinthes do you carry?
"We have about 150 different Absinthes, most of them in different sizes."
2.How long has the shop been open?
"We have been open since the early 1990s, and have focused on absinthe since the late 1990s."
3.Do you get mostly locals or tourists coming in?
"The locals buy, the tourists take pictures. But they both come in."
4.What are a few of your favourite absinthes?
"Angelique, La P´tite, Butterfly"
5.Do you have any amusing story or anecdote about absinthe you like to share?
"Sorry, the behavior and the questions of some of the visitors might be considered as amusing, but in reality it’s more depressing."

So there you have it! Absinthe Depot is a lovely spot with a stunning range of absinthes. Just remember to behave yourself and don’t take pictures and you and Hermann will get along just fine…


Weinmeisterstraße 4  10178 Berlin, Germany
030 2816789

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