24 February 2014

Our friend Jason Crawley makes a beautiful(y) eccentric shaker.....

Crawley’s Imperial Shaker, The World’s Rarest and Most Expensive Cocktail Shaking Machine.
The most rare and expensive cocktail shaking machines in the world have re-surfaced in Australia. Up until now, a dusty 200-year-old line drawing found in an old London facsimile was all that remained of what were once called Imperial Shaker Machines. That has recently changed with the vision from the multi- award-winning entrepreneur Jason Crawley. A faithful reproduction of the original machine, “Crawley’s Imperial Shaker” is a stunning hand crank design representing the finest in elegant Victorian antiquity and craftsmanship, and is a high-end, luxury item for those who choose the fine and rare things in life. With its antique look and 21st-century manufacturing, the Imperial Shaker represents a radical new industry aesthetic and an innovative new genre-breaking movement in design. The first 12 available Imperial Shakers are already being pre-sold around the world to serious collectors and devoted cocktail enthusiasts.
“I have been working on the project for over five years, and it has been a longtime aspiration to finally get the Shaker ready to view and sell,” said Jason Crawley, founder and creator of Crawley’s Imperial Shaker. “As having made my career in the drinks industry, being born in a steel city of Sheffield and to honor my grandfathers steel working life, this has been a dream come true.”
The Imperial Shaker itself is a captivating floor-mounted design standing at six feet tall in powder-coated cast iron, with solid brass fittings and adorned with four bespoke silver-plated ‘on copper’ cocktail shakers. The brand identity of a crowned pineapple is subtly cast into each shaker; the pineapple used to be a cultural signifier of affluence and hospitality, and to this day, the image of a pineapple still hangs over many a tavern, particularly in Boston.
The Imperial Shaker retails for $16,500AUD and can be ordered directly through Crawley.


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