12 October 2010

Vintage Vintage Cocktails?

The aged cocktail project begun by Tony over 6 years ago appears to have been echoed some time in the past... Drink Factory and 69 Colebrooke Row amigo, and venerable cocktail historian Dave Wondrich appears to have found references to a similar technique used some time ago. Great minds think alike!
However, the "Club Cocktails" advertised by Heublein and Brothers offered cocktails aged on wood. Interestingly, Manhattans were on offer. These would not have been able to stand up to the length of time of the cocktails on offer in the bar with no name have aged, as 6 years in wood would have developed into a very dry, very woody drink after this time, and lack the mellowing as described by Harold McGee that occurs with the bottle ageing.

Is ours a slight variation of this project? In as far as they are just bottle aged and for a lot longer a period?
It does not specify ages; were there any aged for very long periods? Does anybody know?

And just how cool are the posters? Very Cool!

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