21 October 2010

Book Review- Culinary Tea, Cynthi Gold, Lise Stern

The book beautifully documents a series of recipes varying from savoury to sweet- all including different varieties of tea. Describing the attributes of each type of tea and regional differences, the recipes give ideas as to what variables will result. Ranging from more commonplace pairings to more esoteric ones, it covers a wealth of different combinations and methods of incorporating the teas. Interspersed with other aspects of tea rituals, it provides interesting reading into the category of transporting tea into other uses. Although it mis credits the Earl Grey martini which belonged to Audrey Saunders.

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CGold said...

Thanks for the review!
My hope is that the introduction to the culinary side of tea in the book will help influence others who have never considered tea as other than a straight beverage to broaden their expectations of this fine botanical.
The Earl Grey Martini in the book, credited to Patricia Richards is not the same as the drink created by Audrey Saunders, although it may have been inspired by it. I am happy to say that Audrey has already agreed to share her Earl Grey recipe for the follow-up book, focused more completely on Tea Cocktails, that is in the works. It will be an honor to have Audrey's pivotal cocktail recipe (and perhaps other new ones from her) as a bartender of her caliber working with tea can help to show others that tea is not a 'gimmick' but simply an under-utilized and under-explored botanical. One worth paying more attention to. Of course I'm also hoping to have several cocktails from Colebrooke Row!!