13 April 2011

Modern Re-workings

These are our take on classic drink structures that we have played around with and re-worked.

The flintlock is inspired by the New Orleans classic the Sazerac. This interpretation is based on the same principles but with a gin flavour profile rather than Bourbon. We take Beefeater 24 as a base and add gunpowder gomme, dandelion and burdock bitters whilst washing the other glass with Fernet Branca

Nettle Gimlet
This is a re-work of the classic Gimlet. It incorporates a cordial where we dried nettles out which give a tanic taste that works with Beefeater gin.

Dirty Martini
Instead of using the brine from olives which leaves a salty water flavour with a bit of olive we tried to create something with a more "olivey" flavour profile. we looked for a way of purifying the flavour. We made an olive mash then ran this through a centrifuge, meaning we could seperate pulp, oil, and pure olive flavour.

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