13 April 2011

New Beefeater 24 Concept Drinks

We are very proud to showcase these new concept drinks we have created in collaboration with Beefeater 24. We have drawn inspiration from bartenders of the past, and innovative ways of activating the senses to create what we think are creative new drinks.

The Kata takes two similar herbs from different cultures and combines them within one drink. The cocktails base is Beefeater 24 infused with basil which vermouth infused with shiso is then added to. Inspired by chemical overlays between shiso, vermouth basil and gin the flavours match seemlessly.

The plume takes influences from Japanese culture. The drink includes Beefeater 24, silver needle tea and Kigo. Inspired by the green tea ceremony involving and Japan gardens. It uses smell as an essential addition to the cocktail. The incence is used both as way of enhancing the flavour and as a way of creating a scene and meditative mood the drinker can immerse themselves in.

Köln Martini
The Köln Martini takes Beefeater 24, Dry martini and add a single drop of köln essence. Inspired by a recipe found in the second edition of Jerry Thomas' book. The köln recipe has been re-figured using food grade essences to create a multi layered spritz.

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