27 April 2011

Old School of the Savoy

On Tuesday 19th April there was a coming together of minds when Peter Dorelli of the Savoy and Spike Marchant sat down at 69 Colebrooke Row. Spike proceeded to pick apart and engage the stories from Peter who recounted the old days of the Savoy and how things have changed since.

Peter is arguably the most well known of the ex Head Bartenders at the Savoy and Spike is the much respected ex Maitre D of Dicks Bar at the Atlantic Bar and Grill.

The original menu's from the Savoy

Peter making an old fashioned

Peter addresses the captivated crowd

Regardless of, what I understand, was little conversation prior to the event between the two, the evening was a success for all participating and the two speakers with everyone going away having gained something from the evening as well as some rarely heard information about Pebbles Bar where Peter worked with his brother......

We have a film being edited as we speak which will be up very soon.

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erik_flannestad said...

Very cool! Wish I could have been there!