04 May 2011

Merlet Family Brothers Blend Cognac Talk

After successfully crafting Cognacs at the Merlet distillery, whilst under contract for many of the larger Cognac houses, the family then branched out into Liquers with equal success. Now no longer under contract to any of the former houses the Family is free to make their own house cognac under the Merlet name.

After making several house blends including a batch in collaboration with 69 Colebrooke row, which wore the 69 stamp on it's label, they are now releasing their own personal blend.

Unlike other Cognacs which are created with sipping in mind this blend has been created to be used in Cocktails and reflects that in it's characteristics

Gilles and Luc Merlet will be giving a talk on their new product at 69 colebrooke row on May 23rd between 3-5pm.

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