25 May 2011

Zetter Town House

A new collaboration, between 69 colebrooke row and the Zetter Hotel, has appeared on the shores of London. The bar's design is based on a, fictional character, the Zetter Hotels Aunt Whihelimina and her town house. Her living room has become the bar area whilst the rest of her house play host to the guests rooms.

The aunt is a slightly dotty yet extravagant victorian lady, who's painting hangs proudly on the wall overlooking all the patrons sipping cocktails in her living room. Despite some classics being added from the 69 Colebrooke row menu the vast majority of the drinks are original and inspired by Aunt Whihelmina's travels across the world, what she discovered and what inspired her along on the way.

The Master at Arms
"The Master At Arms is a naval rank referring to an officer who is responsible for physical training and security and low upon a mercantile ship. This highlights the link between drinks and Britain as a seafaring and colonial power. Aptly the drink combines dark Myers rum (which is akin to the navy) and homemade grenadine. The drink is stirred down and served short in a martini glass with rope tied round the stem to mimic rigging on a ship. The dark opulent ruby is deceptive as the aromas give way to citrus, a rich fruitiness and a pleasing dryness. This is a complex yet accesible drink that rewards with every sip"

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