11 May 2011

The Night Before The Morning After

A massive thank you to The Plant for passing these images on to us. They like new, one could even say love new ways of working and thinking. They say they are concerned, worried even that everything they do offer their clients and their market something new. When it all comes off properly, this new thing can be a new way of understanding something, seeing something and making something.

Inspired by the morning after ritual of reaching for a glass of water and a tablet to relieve the pains of the morning after. The drink is served in a bottle with a tablet on the side, which when added carbonates the drink and dissolves.

Originally created in 2009 the concept for the drink is one of action and the feelings involved in the morning after rituals. As the bottle is opened there is a disappointing lack of fizz, which goes hand in hand with that morning after feeling. The "fizz" is found in a tablet that sits alongside the bottle and glass. When the tablet is dropped into the gin it reacts and fizz is suddenly created raising the spirits and has a feeling of hope and soon to be relief from the mornings pains

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