13 July 2011

Archive Cocktail - Chamomille Cooler (2006)

This is a whisky cocktail which has a sour base and chamomille foam layered on top. As you drink the cocktail the bottom, whisky, section is drunk through the foam so that you get hit by a combination of both flavours.

Step 1
800ml Water
3 Sheets of gelatine
30g Chamomile powder
5ml Vanilla extract
75ml gomme
stir gently
cover with Clingfilm and heat for 2 minutes in a microwave

Step 2
Add 15g ovoneve

Step 3
Use hand blender until coherent

Step 4
Strain into siphon using sieve and funnel

Step 5
Add N2O, shake and chill.

Step 6
Layer on top of drink

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