06 July 2011

Flavour of the Week - Ylang Ylang

The oil has in the past been referred to as "the poor mans Jasmin", In response others have re-named it "everbodys ylang-ylang".

Very often used in perfumes as an alternative to Jasmin, or as an addition to any floral based scent, ylang-ylangs flavour is probably something most people come across or recognise without being aware of what it is. The essential oil is also used often in aromatherapy for it's medicinal purposes.

Native to the Philipines and Indonesia where it is used readily for boths medicinal and ritual purposes.

Ideally the hydrosol is best used for drink making purposes otherwise the food grade oil or even essential oil can be used, however the flavour profiles shade and are much less complex and full.

Flavour - Floral, light, rich, lychee, jasmin, sweet.

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