06 July 2011

Frozen Drinks Anyone...?

I came across this machine a few years back, and at the time was trying to persuade the company to lend us a freebie that we could use for the Bar Show. Unfortunately, this never came off, and as I'm sure people will notice they never really exploded in this country quite like they appear to have in Japan.

They work on a fairly simple idea of keeping liquid liquid even when it is below freezing. Once it is taken out of the machine and you agitate the molecules (posh for shake it a bit) and then pour the liquid freezes into what you can see on the video below.

You can do this with any liquid, fizzy drink, juice, whatever. It is probably fun and style over substance but you can imagine the look on customers face if you poured something like this into a glass for them.

Pre-made liquid frozen margerita or daiquiri anyone.....?


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