04 January 2012

Flavour of the Week - Quince

Closely related to the apple and pear family, quince may be one of the oldest recorded fruits with references dating back 4000 years. The fruit appears bright and yellow when ripe and light green when immature and not fully grown.

It is cultivated in many countries but is best suited to hot climates where it becomes soft and can be eaten raw. Turkey accounts for a 1/4 of the worlds production of quince, with Latin America, Central and Southern Europe, the Middle East and America accounting for the majority of the rest.

In cooler climates quince is often hard and very tannic, with the skin being very potent and perfumed. In this condition quince can most often be used to create jam, marmalade or cooked until the skin turns red and used in desserts as it's taste sweetens greatly.

When soft quince can be eaten raw. Although still sour it is much sweeter and very tasty. Hard quince goes very well with honey and lime after being baked.

Flavour - Hard quince is extremely potent and citrussy, less is always more. Tannic, sour, tart.

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