04 January 2012

Iron Filllings With Your Breakfast Flakes?

We have never been one for getting involved with health/food/conspiracy theory trends that appear to spring up throughout the media on a day to day basis. However this video is fascinating both in it's simplicity, regarding the technique used, and also initially quite shocking in the results produced.

Now, hopefully you have watched the video already. We should clarify that this is not actually as bad as it may look. This type of iron filling appears similar to what you might expect to find when you pass a magnet through soil. It also appears that this metallic "reduced iron" will, mostly, dissolve in your stomachs hydrochloric acid.

The iron will then be absorbed into your blood stream for bodily functions. However, also a point of note, this will not happen as efficiently as other sources of "natural iron" found in plants and non-processed foods.

Many do, in-fact, disagree. They say this particular type of iron cannot be broken down very well by our body and has potential to be poisonous. It is not up to us to condemn or celebrate. Although we can safely say that, as with many supplements, natural sources are generally healthier and more easily broken down by your body.

The next question may be, why has the cereal industry chosen this reduced iron specifically? The answer may not come as a surprise, as it appears that iron found in plants and non-processed foods may actually speed up spoiling, whilst reduced iron does not. It may simply come down to a products shelf-life

There is alot more information on the topic, including several other videos demonstrating the effect. We would encourage you to continue researching if you wish to know more.

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