25 January 2012

Sean Ware Interview

After tending stick behind many familiar bars in London including Townhouse, LAB and of course, Callooh Callay, Sean Ware has recently made the move to work for a brand. Now one of the UK brand ambassadors for Bombay Spirits Company he can currently be found touring the UK with Sam Carter bringing their Aroma Academy sessions and amazing Gin Aroma kits to
bartenders and bars across the country.

1.What was the first spirit you ever tasted and what was your reaction?
Malibu out of the bottle in the mine dumps in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Back then it was the most exotic thing I could of imagined.

2.What is the first cocktail you ever made?
It would have been a French Martini, I got the garnish a little wrong because I kept flaming an orange peel over the top like it was a Cosmo.

3.What was the first drink/spirit you really fell in love with and why?
The first drink would be a G&T, so gin as well. I remember hot afternoons on the veranda in Zambia sipping on a refreshing G&T after tea and scones, I think the whole theatre and routine behind it works for me.

4.One of the more trickier questions...what are your 3 favourite cocktails?
This changes quite often, but today I will be drinking in this order ;
all cliche classics I know, but thats what I'm going to have.

5.Given your extensive experience working behind the bar & also managing them, if you could pass just one thing on to a young bartender what would it be?
Customers first, your ego and technique second.

6.And if you were to break a bartending golden rule what would it be?
You don't always have to follow the recipe, for me it is about balance, accord and the harmony of ingredients together. Besides, ingredients and booze have changed over time so old recipes may not turn out how you expect. But don't run before you can walk.

7.Outside of flavor and the craft of the cocktail what in your opinion affects the customer's appreciation of cocktails the most?
Time and a place. A bartender should know that it's not always about the
drink, you need to use atmosphere, lighting, music as well as flavour, banter and technique to win over people.

8.Is there anything that influences the drinks that you create from outside the industry?
The blues, food and moments in time or experiences.

9.What is a flavour you have discovered recently?
As opposed to a specific flavour, I have been doing a lot of work with aroma connection with emotions as part of flavour-as flavour is the sum of aroma, retro-nasal aroma, taste, aftertaste and trigeminal effects.

10.You've just moved across to be a UK Brand Ambassador for Bombay Spirits Company, how did you find the move from behind the bar to brand work?
I think we work in such an amazing industry and I'm lucky enough to work
with such amazing people, both Team Bacardi and other, so the transition has been relatively easy. If only I could get Leanne to do my expenses though...

11.Ha, good look persuading her! I know you've only just moved into the new role, but any ideas what the future may hold for you?
My new role is keeping me pretty busy, but I might have a few things up my sleeve...

12.How very cryptic...! Do you have any industry predictions for the next couple of years?
Smaller bars specialising in either wine, beer or cocktails, with smaller but wiser choices, and hopefully better service, easier booking systems and less of those rude doormen.

13.Absolutely with you on the rude doormen - no thanks! If you where to
champion a cocktail which would it be?
Before Christmas I couldn't get enough of Victor from Callooh Callay's I amThe Moon. Go try it.

I Am The Moon
50ml Belvedere Intense
10ml Briottet White Cacao
Stir and serve in a coupet glass

14.Ha, loving the bromance ;) So, I had to ask this final one...What gin do you prefer in your martini?
Tough question, you see there are so many things to consider: what ratio, gin in the freezer or not, olive or twist, which amazing vermouth to choose, but of course anything from the Bombay Spirits Company.

Two words: Cop out!

Interview conducted by Emma Stokes

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