01 February 2012

Flavour of the Week - Dried Apricot

We could expand this easily to include apricots, however the dried apricot has a very specific sweetness that you do not have with the run of the mill fruit. After drying the water is removed from the fruit, meaning, you find the flavours are sweeter and more concentrated. Essentially you are un-diluting the fruit.

The apricots origin is slightly confused and some have theorized that it may have began life in Armenia. However this is based on their high number of exports and production rather than any proof. The fruit thrives in continental climates and embraces cold winters.

There is a great old recipe that featured dried apricots being flash fried in brandy which created a brilliant warm sweet tangy flavour. It will also infuse under sous vide or over time very easily and offer a sweet tangy addition to a neutral spirit like vodka or a darker more flavoursome spirit such as rum or whisky.

Flavour - Sweet, tangy.

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