29 February 2012

"In The Lab" with Tony C part 2

The second and final part of Ian Cameron's unparallelled look into the working of not only the Drink Factory Lab and it's day to day running but also what has driven Tony C to persue a path which was imagined as far back as 1999 and many neysayers have described as madness on the way.

In part 2 Tony gives insights into scaling the mountain because it is there, how drinks will change in dynamic and rival food experiences, and always making sure that the fun and humour of junior school is never to far away.

"What will the drinks of the future look like? A few years ago, the work of Eben Freeman in New York and his world of Solid Cuba Libres and Absinthe Gummi Bears briefly inspired a generation of imitators. While at Shochu Lounge Tony himself also played with caviars, jellies and the like - since then foams and emulsions have since become par for the course at many bars, though Tony has not played with texture in such a way since."

""I think that sort of 'molecular' style is beyond passé. We've never had anything like that on the menu at 69. I realised a long time ago it's more important what you do with flavour than texture. A drink is majority flavour, not texture, unless you know what you are doing. It can go wrong, terribly wrong.""

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