22 February 2012

"In The Lab" With Tony C

Though we have had various journalists, friends and family come through the new lab, few have had such an in depth peek at it's inner working as Ian Cameron does in this two part article just published in Class Mag.

The article looks at the machinery, the philosophies and the people behind Drink Factory and offers a chance to find out where the concept was born and where it all leads.

In the first of a two-part feature, Tony Conigliaro gives us a guided tour of his lab and explains the origin of many of his cocktails.

If there was one particular moment which turned Tony Conigliaro on to the path he now follows - one which blurs the line between bars, gastronomy and science - it was a day in 1999, when he was working at Isola restaurant in Knightsbridge.

"I had a sort of realisation," he recalls. "I wanted to make a pear and cinnamon purée for a Bellini, but couldn't find any pear purées that I liked or that worked with Prosecco. I started talking to the pastry chef about purées I could source, and that turned into talking about how I could make a purée from scratch........

You can read the rest of the article HERE

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