29 February 2012

Matt Pyke Digital Art

Anybody a fan of modern artistic techniques will enjoy this video. The short comes from our friends at Nowness, who created a beautifully worked film of the original lab above 69 Colebrooke Row shot by Todd Selby, if you missed it you can watch it HERE.

The film below is a glimpse into the mind of Matt Pyke from his digital fantasy land installed at Super Computer Romantics which was the first major exhibition at Paris' La Gaite Kyrique. Based in a log cabin studio he is an a digital artist, curator, designer, painter and animator.

“I’m interested in bringing life and empathy into digital art rather than keeping its cold, abstract, machine sensibility,” Pyke says.

The English mastermind is behind design studio Universal Everything, a collective of designers, programmers, musicians and artists known for their boundary-pushing commissions for clients including Chanel, MTV and London's 2012 Olympics.

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