15 February 2012

Flavour of the Week - Peppermint

It seems peppermint is often overlooked, amongst the mint and herb family. It may have something to do with some pretty awful liqeurs of questionable colour that have found their way into various shots and onto backbars, or it may not, who knows.

The liquers to one side a home infused gin, or tea used in a drink can add both a subtle coldness or a bold flavour to build upon.

Peppermints were originally thought to be an individual species however they have now been proven to be a hybrid between spearmint and water mint.

Cultivated and found, often growing freely, throughout Europe and some part of Asia, they thrive in moist soil. It is also easily available as an oil.

Although they shade slightly in medicinal uses compares to spearmint, peppermint has been proven to enhance and aid memory, help with insomnia and aid digestion.

Flavour - peppered, mint, crisp,

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