15 February 2012

Only Orson Welles.....

Very few people could manage this and still make it look suave and cool. Known for his work across directing, producing and acting Orson Welles is still one of the most recognisable names of our time.

When it comes to the Paul Masson brand of wine, most would maybe not be so familiar.....until you mention the fact that Orson Welles was the face and voice of the wine during the 1970's.

The promise went "We will sell no wine before it's time". Being the savvy drinker that he was Welles had a clause written into his contract promising him generous quantities of free wine. Welles, however, was eventually sacked by Paul Masson after stating that he never drank Paul Masson wine on an American talk show.

The outtakes below are from one of the commercial Welles was involved in.

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