22 February 2012

Layered Screwdriver Video

Though we may not be partaking in this kind of trickery at the moment and layering almost seems quite old fashioned and a thing of the past to many, this video offers a very simple and easy to follow tutorial to learn a simple but effective technique both for the home and the bar.

As with any service the key to incorporating something like this into a busy shift is prep. In this case you would need to have the drink pre-made and ready to serve, however you could easily incorporate one of the layers as a pre-made mix meaning you wouldn't need to refrigerate and could serve immediately.

The cocktail shown here is a Screwdriver, which is essentially a posh way of saying Vodka+Orange. In this example the only addition is gelatin and sugar.

To one container add:
1 tablespoon of caster sugar
1 sachet of gelatin
250 ml of vodka
mix the two using a blender or whisk and leave for 5 minutes

In a separate container add:
1 sachet of gelatin
1 tbl spoon caster sugar
300 ml orange juice
mix the two using a blender or whisk and leave for 5 minutes

In a serving glass:
Add first layer of orange juice and refrigerate for 15 minutes
add first later of Vodka and refrigerate for 15 mins

You can repeat the process as many times as you need, just be sure to refrigerate for 15 minutes after each layer is added.

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