18 April 2012

Flavour of the Week - Mulberries

Similar to raspberry and blackberry in look and taste, mulberries grow on the Silkworm tree, part of the genus morus. Species are identified by the colour of the flower buds and leaves rather than the colour of the berries. It is not uncommon for a single morus plant to have many different coloured berries.

The tree's require a warm temperate climate and are native to Asia, Africa and the Amercas. There are currently three defined species that are universally recognised.

-The white mulberry (Morus alba) - native to eastern and central China.
-The red or American mulberry (Morus rubra) - native to eastern United States.
-Black mulberry (Morus nigra) - native to western Asia.

Mulberries also have various health benefits. They are home to many minerals and vitamins including vitamin A, E, C, as well as being a good source of iron and antioxidants.
There has also been a steady rise in the popularity of mulberry tea, which lends itself very easily to infusions and flavouring of spirits and drinks, and has a very distinct flavour.

Flavour - Succulent, tart, sweet, fruity

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