04 April 2012

New Beefeater 24 Cocktail - Operetta

Continuing our series of films we now have the third in our series. This time round we have moved from the bar into more familiar Drink Factory settings of the lab. The drink is named Operetta and takes Beefeater 24, a pomegranite reduction, maraschino and homemade o.j bitters as it's ingredients.

Operetta Recipe
Cubed Ice
40 ml Beefeater 24
40 ml Pomegranite reduction
2.5 ml Maraschino liqueur
3 Dashes Homemade O.j bitters
Dbl Strain into a small coupette
Garnish with an O.j twist

Here's what Marcis had to say on the process and creation of the drink.

"This drink is based on a pre-prohibition cocktail called the Opera made with gin, Dubonnet, Maraschino and orange bitters. In many ways it is a lighter more playful version of the original drink, in the same way as an operetta is a lighter more convivial version of an opera. I replaced the Dubonnet with a pomegranate evaporation made by processing pomegranate juice through the rotorvapor, this concentrates the acidity and fruitiness of the pomegranate much the same way as chef does when he creates a wine based reduction. However the rotorvapor has the added bonus of being able to do this in a vacuum allowing reduction to occur at very low temperatures, thus preserving the integrity of the juice – ie, it does not cook the flavors. The pomegranate evaporation works in much the same way as vermouth, it is both sweet and dry at the same time, combining well with the citrus in Beefeater 24. I also create some bespoke orange bitters that are paired exactly to the flavor profile of Beefeater 24, using the same orange peel as Desmond uses at the distillery."

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