18 April 2012

Harold McGee Imbibe Article

Friend and Drink Factory collaborator Harold McGee continues his travels around and through the culinary and cocktail world often being the voice that bridges the gap between the art and the science.

He recently spoke with Imbibe, on his ongoing work and analyse of coffee and cocktail. The article features how Harold went from philosophy, astrology and literature to the kitchen. His first encounter with Audrey Saunders and the now infamous egg white in cocktail questions. All leading to his work with Tony C and some of the worlds top chefs.

"Mixing a drink is not rocket science. It does, however, involve a mishmash of chemistry and physics, with a dash or two of biology, all compiled and enhanced with the mixer’s culinary skills. These skills are the tools that bartenders bring to the equation—but the science? That’s where Harold McGee comes in......."

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