02 May 2012

Dominique Persoone - The Chemistry of Chocolate

Dominique Persoone of Choc-o-Latier collaborantes regularly with Bernard Lehousse, our good friend who heads up Food Pairing, several of the best chefs in the world and has a scheduled date every sixth months or so set aside to indulge his and Heston Blumenthals wild imaginations within the Fat Ducks lab.

The talk below is arguably one of the most interesting and accessible we have seen so far from Tedx.  Dominique is a self taught food "scientist" who works through his creativity and passion rather than from a typical stern scientific stand point. 

He offers insights into several of his creations which are based on engaging all the senses to augment the enjoyment and flavour of the chocolate. In typically dutch fashion he also tells us about the chocolate lipstick,  'euphoric' state inducing chocolate and a special sniffing machine made for two of the Rolling Stones birthday party. 

Very very highly recommended watching. 

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