09 May 2012

WAAHH Quantum Sensations Alcohol Spray

Brought to us by the same mind who created Whif, which administered an instant shot of flavour, such as coffee or chocolate, with zero calories, and then followed by Whaf which was an ultrasonic system to mix different liquids to create a cloud of flavour. 

Mr David Edwards has now done something potentially event more brilliant an invented a spray which will get you drunk instantly but only for a few seconds. The impending hangover will never coming and apparently there are zero aftereffects. 

One dose is equivalent to 0.075ml of alcohol, and it is thanks to the way the liquid is administered into your mouth that you can be hangover free and sober in no time at all. Reports say that you will even get a thumbs up on a breathalyser. 

The obvious question is why wouldn't someone just administer the entire cartridge in quick succession and what would the effect be? Well, considered one drink hold between 40 and 60ml of alcohol it would take up to 1,000 sprays to reach the same effect of one drink. 

One cartridge is equivalent to 21 sprays and will run at the price of only  20 euros. 

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