02 May 2012

Flavour of the Week - Dekopon

Originating from Japan, dekopon is a seedless and very sweet hybrid fruit, created from kiyomi and ponkan in 1972. 

The name dekopon was initially a brand name but has since become a genericized trademark and refers to all brand of the fruit. The fruit is distinct and notable because of its size and the protruding bump at the top. 

Harvesting normally takes place between December to March, depending on whether they are grown within greenhouses or gardens. After harvesting the fruit are generally left for around 30 days so the citric acid can lower and the sweetness can increase. 

Over the past 10 years the fruit has been cultivated in in Brazil, Korea and the US where it has adapted to the differing climates and has been named Kinsei, hallabong, and Sumo respectively. 

People often describe the fruit as a big mandarin, easy to peel and seedless. It has a intense sweetness but a good, refreshing acidity and a lingering aroma. Many have named it the most delicious citrus fruit they have tasted. 

Flavour - Citric, sweet, tangy

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