11 May 2011

Nettle Gimlet Recipe

I remember tentatively ordering nettle, leek and goats curd soup at a restaurant in Soho about 6 months ago, not really sure what to expect and honestly expecting the worst as the only experience I really had with nettles was being young and falling into a giant bed of them. Putting this to one side I dove in and all I can say I is wow, NOT, what I expected.

Drink Factory was miles ahead of me and already knew the promise that the Nettle flavour profile offered.

With that in mind we felt it was time to share the full Nettle Gimlet recipe with you and hopefully attack the bad name these dangerous plants have and promote how tasty they really can be. Enjoy......

Nettle Gimlet
2 parts Beefeater 24 gin
1 part Nettle Cordial
Stir 10 times
dbl strain into chilled martini glass
Garnish with a lime twist


Tomek R said...

Hi. Is there any chance you could give the recipe for how to make the nettle cordial? Thanks.

Tomek R said...

Hi. Is there any chance you could give the nettle cordial recipe? Thanks


Hey Tomek

You can buy it more easily from most supermarkets or over the internet! Good luck!

Tomek R said...

Thanks I never would have thought that it was available. Here in Poland we usually have to make our own things like that. Na Zdrowie!


No worries! If you can't find it let us know and we can try and send you a link or something. DF

Farocisko said...

does the recipe refer to the nonalcoholic cordial, or the medicinal one? thanks in advance


It refers to the non-alcoholic cordial. Come back and let us know how it goes! good luck! DF