09 November 2011

Historical Context and Demos Illustrating the Relationship of Food and Science

Amongst all the new techniques and knowledge beeing passed back and forward between the drinks and culinary world, it is often the most basic questions that can be missed.

For instance "how do you define cooking?" or "how do you define being a cocktail bartender or, to coin a popular term, a mixologist"

These basic questions often supply the best guidelines from which you can then build and grow as a bartender or chef but keeping these guidelines in your mind.

In the above lecture we are treated to the combination of Harold McGee and Dave Arnold, teaming up to answer both basic and advanced questions and demonstrate mdoern techniques.

Perhaps most interestingly they also demonstrate and give examples of how cooking has played an essential role throughout humans history and may have actually contributed to our evolution.

Though we have only relatively recently started using gelatins and clarifications in the drinks world, there is evidence that the techniques have been used since the middle ages.

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