07 December 2011

Beefeater 24 G&Tea Recipes

In reaching the finals of the Beefeater 24 G&Tea finals 69 Colebrooke Row's and Drink Factories very own Marcis Dzelzainis was one of only two participants left representing the UK.

The remaining participants spanning Canada, Greece, Italy and UK were put through two rounds. The first was "Flavour Matching" where each contestant was randomly assigned a tea and allowed to build a cocktail from there. The second round was "Tea Ceremony" where the participants had to come up with a ritualised tea ceremony to serve and accompany their cocktail.

We can now bring you Marcis' two recipes (unfortunately minus high quality photos) and their serves.

Round 1 - Camellia Cocktail

"I really wanted to accentuate that sensory connection you make with sencha tea and the seaside. It can have quite a seaside, seaweed taste, so I'm transporting the drinker by creating a personal beach for them." - Marcis

Camellia Cocktail 

Glass: Ceramic Japanese tea cups
Garnish: Grapefruit zest
Method: Stir all ingredients with ice then strain into cups 

40ml Beefeater 24 gin 

2.5ml Lemon sherbet (finely grated zest, sugar and lemon juice)

20ml Homemade kiwi cordial (made with kiwi fruit cooked sous vide and then separating in a centrifuge) 

5 drops Sencha tincture (made from tea brewed twice)

Round 2 - Tippy Assam

A black Assam tea that produces a darker and stronger liquor after brewing for 3-4 minutes at nearly boiling point, with raisin notes and a more tannic character

Tippy 24
Glass: Coupe
Garnish: Grapefruit twist (discarded)
Method: Rapid infuse tea and gin using nitrous oxide in a siphon. Shake all ingredients with ice then strain into a chilled coupe.
50ml Beefeter 24 gin infused with Tippy Assam tea (3g tea to 350ml gin)
25ml Salted Uzu and lemon juice (1:5)
25ml Plum wine
15ml Elderflower cordial

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