21 December 2011

Expanding infused Marshmallows

So they may not be the classiest or most refined of cocktail ingredient or garnish, but let's be honest, people love them and they are alot of fun.

We are yet to try this ourselves in the sous vide however I imagine it to work in a similar way. If you were to also add a flavoured liquid into the vacuum bag and vacuum both the marshmallow and the liquid it has alot of potential to infiuse the marshmallow.

Think rum marshamllows, cherry marshmallow, or, dare I say, flavoured vodka marshmallow.
Maybe not the most high end of ingredient, and be careful not to vacuum for too long as they are liable to burst or shrivel up, but certainly some Christmas fun!

1 comment:

Tony Harion said...

Perhaps using a liquid for the infusion might turn out a bit too messy.
An idea I had when I first so this a while back was to use a gas, vapor or smoke to infuse them.

Keep us updated if you play with the concept.