25 January 2012

Rum Sheets

I don't need to re-iterate, science and food, science and drink, science and all of catering are edging ever closer together. Soon people will be studying Drinks Physics at the same time as tending bar.

Some of the more simple forms of innovation are being overlooked in lieu of others which may be more useful simply because they appear flashy and will wow a crowd a deal more than something we are able to prep and whip out ready to go.

The video above gives a good break down of a very simple technique that can easily be incorporated into any busy service, with the proper prep prior to the event. The technique consists of rum, agar agar, a fridge, a pan, and something to heat the pan.

The result is a versatile "sheet of rum" that can be rolled and molded into a garnish.

Taking the garnish one step further, you could infuse the spirit with subtle lemon/lime zest. Perhaps a hint of coffee to add to an after dinner cocktail or pineapple for a tiki. However you approach the flavour combinations the result can broaden the cocktail experience and take steps to make a drink more than just a drink.

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Unknown said...

I have also made a edible tequila paper too