16 November 2011

Flavour of the Week - Cranberry

The christmas adds have already started, along with decorations springing up all over town.
In some ways I feel like I am somehow subtly being coerced into this choice of post, however the flavour is delightful regardless.

Though cranberry is an obvious choice when it comes to juices and longer drinks, I can't remember the last time I saw a cranberry syrup or a more concentrated version of the juice used in a cocktail.

For instance an interesting idea would be cranberry and almond syrup, that can be used in place of sugar. Perhaps a cordial mixed with lime or maple syrup.

Flavour - Tart, sweet, fruity. If eaten fresh they are very sour and bitter so will need sweetening.

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Nate Laird said...

erstaiWell a funny story is that the first time i ever tried to make a syrup out of cranberries i was quite confident in making it and had forgot about the naturally occuring pectin and it made a very clumpy syrup. Needless to say i found letting the mixture cool and then skimming the top before bottling really helps. I feel as people that will try can overlook that and thus turn away from making the syrup, but that is just a possibility to the reasoning.