08 June 2011

Colourless Mojito

Now, as pleasing as the idea of colourless juice, especially lime, is we understand that the two methods we have highlighted on the blog, centrifuge and rotary evaporator, are both extremely expensive and although extremely effective can also yield relatively small amounts in a large amount of time. Thankfully though there is another way that is available to everyone. Agar Agar. Visit Cooking Issues, and Dave Arnold for more info and similar processes.
Invented a while ago for the Havana Cuban Pod. This drink plays on the perception of how a colour and appearance can affect how you taste something.

Begin with 375ml of fresh lime juice and 1.5g of Agar Agar. Heat the mixture slowly to 90c whilst stirring. Once temperature is reached, lover the heat and add another 750ml of lime juice stir slowly until all the Agar Agar is dissolved.

Once cooled Vacuum Pack, or simply seal the mixture air tight then freeze. Allow to naturally defrost and the Agar Agar should have bonded with the colour molecules leaving a coloiurless behind.

After this process is finished build the Mojito uses the proportions below. (PS the image is an artists impression as we unfortunately don't have an image!)

Colourless Mojito

50ml Havana Club Blanco
25ml clear lime juice
Mint hydrosol

Touch of sugar
all stirred down over ice

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