24 June 2011

New Lab Photos

It began in an open plan kitchen in Kings Cross, with a Rotavapor, and a lot of experimentation. That was 7 years ago and was the first Drink Factory Lab.

Eventually the space could not contain the amount of equipment, oils, and bottles, so the Lab was relocated to the 2nd floor of 69 colebrooke row.

A small space made, for people no taller than 6foot. The Lab was often described as the 7 and half floor out of being John Malcovich and lead to creations that had not been possible or seen else where before, it was the first of its kind in a bar and it ment they could create a true series of bespoke ingredients for the bar downstairs. (the saying went upstairs for thinking downstairs for drinking!!)

The Lab grew and grew and again when it came time to re-house, it was a easy decision where the new set up would go. Just up the road to Britannia Row - Originally the studios were built by Pink Floyd and parts of The Wall and Animals were recorded there.

Now bigger and better, with a seperate tasting and training space. We can start to expand once again and we finally have a home for all our new equipment!

And there is light! And we don't bang our heads anymore!! phew.......

Basic lab set-up..... Rotavapor, Vacuum Machine, Sous Vide, Heat Inductor

Even with all the modern machinery, there is always space for some classic, vintage spirits and bitters.

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