24 June 2011

Whats the flavour of the week?

Every week, from now, on we are going to pick a flavour, profile it, offer some suggestions for flavour combinations and give some background on where it's from.

If you get started on any experiments with the flavour, make sure you head over to our FACEBOOK PAGE and post up photos, recipes and comments on there. We'd love to hear feedback from you!

Flavour - Tonka Bean

Banned in the US because it contains Coumarin. Which when, naturally occuring, is often wrongly branded as a blood thinner. Many doctors will lay testament to the fact that there are no studies which support the illegalisation of Tonka beans based on health issues.

Despite this it can still be aquired in the states, although it might take a little while!

Tonka originates from North East and West South America i.e Venezula, Brazil, and Guiana.

Tonka Beans are seeds from the flowering tree called Dipteryx odorata (commonly known as "cumaru" or "kumaru") which is part of the pea family

Warm - Rich, spiced vanilla.
Cold - Vanilla, caramel, dark honey, coffee

Suggestions / Flavour Combinations
Tonka ice cream, coffee, chocolate, tequila, bourbon, cognac, vanilla, creme brullee, bitters, rich spirits.

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