29 June 2011

Flavour of the Week - Neroli

Flavour - Neroli, sometimes referred to as "Orange Blossom".

Neroli can be found in South France, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, Haiti, Guinea, Algeria, Lebanon and the Comoro Islands. It refers to the plant oil extracted from the blossoms of the Bitter Orange tree.

It is often seen in health food or alternative remedy shops. The oil can be broken down in alcohol.This often produces a light blue effect that fades with aging.

The blossoms are gathered between April and May and then distilled to extract the oil.
It is widely used as a base for perfumes as well as "allegedly" being a part of the top secret recipe for Coca Cola. Orange Flower Water is actually a bi-product of distillation and some would consider it "waste".

Significant amounts of oil remain in the distillation water after the process has ended, giving it a distinct flavour that is not quite as strong as the oil used in perfumes etc.

Flavour. Citrus, orange, honey blossom, sweet, rich.

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