29 June 2011

Saying of the Week - A Poem of Bartending

When I became a bartender I learnt to.....

Soothe the woes of the wicked
Raise the confidence of the timid

Spark fires beneath lovers
And loosen the tongues of brothers.

Take a party and make it a celebration
Help the wallowing mind searching for a spark of creation.

Be a comfy shoulder to cry on
And when to stop or pry on.

Be quick of wit and tongue
Yet seek out the illegal and the young...

Flash a million dollar smile
To take a customer home once in a while.

Respect the product and the artistry involved

Yet best of all how to drink,party and be merry,
Whether it be gin, Manhattan or sherry

Without becoming that which we despise......
The annoying drunk with the leery eyes.

By GJG Cowan 1986 - 2011.

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