21 March 2012

Chandler Burr - Scent Art

Chandler Burr makes a convincing argument as to why olfactory art should in fact hold its places amongst visual and auditory art forms and be considered in such high esteem. He says, painting and photographs are pieces of art designed to stimulate you visually. To invoke sensations, memories or emotions in the viewer. Music works in the same way but through auditory stimulation, that tug our emotions and feelings into action whether it be heavy metal or a full orchestra. Though the sensations may be worlds apart they are bred from the same space and cause us to react and appreciate the art for what it does to us.

Ourselves, and many many others, have documented the profound effects scent can have on memories and emotions, and subsequently how important and useful this can be in a drink or broader experience. He goes on to explain how our understanding of this particular median of art is becoming better understood and how perfumes are in fact works of olfactory art created by artists. They are art in the sense

Chandler Burr is the curator at the Department of Olfactory Art at The Museum of Art and Design, and previously was an art critic for The New York Times.

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