28 March 2012

Flavour of the Week - Transylvanian Bee Pollen

As the name might imply this is bee pollen collected from wildflowers in the mountainous regions of Transylvania in Romania, completely untouched and untainted by pesticides and artificial means of encouraging growth.

The pollen will be dried immediately, after collection and avoids any kind of heat treatment. This preserves the pollen and keeps any nutrients, enzymes and flavour trapped and as pure as possible

Pollen as a food is known to be extremely rich in nutrients. It contains all known vitamins and minerals, all essential amino acids and astonishingly 50% more available protein than beef.

Pollen has been held in high regard by many cultures throughout history, Famously the Egyptians called it "life giving dust" whilst the Chinese, Romans, Anglo Saxons, and Aztecs all used the pollen in medicine and believed it to have great health benefits.

Flavour: Rich, sweet, perfumed, deep notes

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