07 March 2012

The Scentisizer Olfactory Installation

"Scentisizer allows for the orchestration and spatial deployment of complex fragrances by giving precise control over the constitution and diffusion of scent accords in dynamic compositions. A tangible interface combines haptic and graphic features for managing an array of sixty four scent dispensers that maps a wide ranging olfactory field. Users can manipulate individual scent containers, much like organ stops to compose and time an accord in a direct and intuitive fashion. They can also control them with greater complexity and precision by means of a digital graphic user interface that allows for multi channeled sequencing and modulation of scent tones and dynamics. The analogue controls provide the haptic means for tangibly sculpting and visualising olfactory phenomena while the digital features add functionality and web connectivity, allowing Scentisizer to perform digitised olfactory score stored locally or accessed wirelessly."

Now, if one were to translate that into much simpler terms it would appear something like this. Scentisizer is a means for creating complex olfactory compositions, consisting of top, middle, and base notes, think of it like writing a song but with scent. The tubes allow users to specify how the scented oil, housed within each, is diffused. Below the tube is a heating mechanism which controls this. The sequence of scent intensity can be designed bespoke for each note. The graphic interface (towards the end of the video) allows a user to further specificy intensity and duration in a more accurate manner and leading to the composition being "played" by the Scentisizer. As show on the video each tube and colour represents a different scent.

The installation was built by Rodolphe el-Khoury who is the Canada Research Chair in Architecture and Urban Design and Nashid Nabian who is a partner in Arsh Design Studio, a practice based in Tehran with several award winning projects to its credit.

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